Tudor House Out, Serafina In at the Dream Hotel on South Beach

by Ryan @ MRPR on October 10, 2012

Tudor House is closing.  That’s old news.  But the new news is that Serafina, a NYC Italian import, will be opening in its place.  Serafina is already a tenant in the Dream Hotel in Manhattan, so it makes sense that they’re shacking up with the same hotel group on South Beach, at 11th and Collins.  The menu is classic Italian fare.  No word yet on the opening date, as Tudor House is still in the space (last we checked).  But in the meantime, enjoy this description of how the two partners first got started, from their website:

Serafina Restaurant Group was conceived when Vittorio Assaf and Fabio Granato made a pact while traumatically lost at sea. The two friends agreed to open a restaurant serving the best pizza and pasta in the world if they were to survive the ordeal.

Needless to say they survived.  It appears that Serafina tried to open in South Beach once before, in 2008, but nine months after incorporating Serafina South Beach Corp., they dissolved the entity.  Here’s hoping the second time is the charm.

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