MRPR’s Third Blogoversary!

by Ryan @ MRPR on November 10, 2012

Three years ago today, this blog began with its first set of power rankings, at the time it was a weekly ordeal.  The rankings have evolved over time, a bi-weekly affair for a while, and then a compilation of rankings by several local bloggers, and now a monthly ranking reflecting the views of just this blogger.  It’s always fun to look back at past rankings though to see where the Miami restaurant scene has gone over the years.

On November 10, 2009,  NAOE held the #1 spot in the rankings, as it does today.  Michael’s Genuine still holds the #2 spot and taking home the bronze, the recently closed Red Light.  Several other restaurants on the list have since closed: Fratelli Lyon (#6), Pizzavolante (#13), Sra. Martinez (#14), and Pacific Time (#15).  Many others have fallen off the rankings over the years: Bin No. 18 (#7), Joe’s Stone Crab (#11),  Metro Bistro Cafe (#12), OLA (#16), Oishi Thai (#17), Sardinia (#18), Soya & Pomodoro (#19), and The Daily (#19).  So aside from a couple of stalwarts that have withstood the change of time, a lot has happened over the past three years in Miami’s restaurant scene.

Two years ago, on November 9, 2010, the rankings included appearances by Gastropod (#7), Eos (#8), Zuma (#10), Chow Down Grill (#13), Gigi (#14), and The Morgan’s (#19).

A year ago, the November 2011 power rankings included Makoto (#8), Sustain Restaurant + Bar (#10 — now closed), Phuc Yea (#12 — now closed), Sushi Deli (#12), Hakkasan (#15), Azul (#16), Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill (#17), The Local (#18), Meat Market (#20), and Area 31 (#20), each of whom is either absent from the current rankings or since closed.

The restaurant scene in Miami is constantly evolving, and we’d say for the better, although a few of our favorites have fallen by the wayside (Sustain and Red Light being foremost among them; hell, Pizzavolante too).  But when one door closes, another opens (like Kris Wessel’s new project, Florida Cookery).  So we’re as optimistic as ever and look forward to another year of rankings, news, and hopefully some humor as well.  Thanks for reading.

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