Coconut Grove, Restaurant Graveyard?

by Ryan @ MRPR on November 22, 2009

It is no secret that restaurant space seems to turn over more often in the Grove than just about anywhere else in Miami.  Coconut Grove Grapevine provides this rundown of now-closed restaurants in the Grove and, in a few instances, what to expect next:

Los Ranchos, CocoWalk (soon to be new Greek restaurant)
Grab ‘n Go / NY Pizza, Main Highway
Visons, CocoWalk
Coyote Ugly, CocoWalk
Les Deux Fontaines, Mayfair
Chicken Grill, Mayfair
Wet Willies, Mayfair
Pizza Rustica, Mayfair
News Café, Mayfair
Cielo, Mayfair
Pisco, 3310 Mary Street
Modern Art Café, 2801 Florida Avenue
Anokha, 3324 Virginia Street
Qdoba, 2982 Grand Avenue
Temple, 2895 McFarlane Road
Nikki Beach, 2889 McFarlane Road
Bizcaya (closed for dinner) Ritz-Carlton
Jacob’s, 3195 Commodor Plaza (soon to be new Indian restaurant)
Kaleidoscope, 3112 Commodore Plaza
Tuscany, 3484 Main Highway
Moulin du Grove, 3425 Main Highway (soon to be new French restaurant)

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