Lobsters Will Kill You If They Get The Chance

by Ryan @ MRPR on November 24, 2009

From Short Order, a great little anecdote from Jorge Cardenas, the Executive Chef at the newly-opened Cape Cod Room (brought to you by Ken Lyon of  Fratelli Lyon (#5)):

“I was working at Le Cirque in NYC at the time for Chef Sottha Kuhn. I told chef, hey I feel bad for killing all these lobster. He said, ‘Take all their rubber bands off their claws (lobster claws are generally rubber banded shut so they can’t fight back). There was a whole bunch of them there all together and I had to pick each one up. They were all there snapping at me, trying to get me, trying to hurt me. After that day I don’t feel bad. If they had the chance they would do the same to me.”

Link: Short Order

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