August 23, 2011 Quick Hits

by Ryan @ MRPR on August 23, 2011


♦ New Times food critic Lee Klein got into it with Chef Micah Edelstein over a tongue-in-cheek (or deadly serious, depending on who you ask) post listing the six local restaurants with the worst names.  Klein named Edelstein’s new spot neMesis Urban Bistro as the worst named spot in town, in response to which Edelstein told Klein “[p]lease don’t bother to come here as you are not welcome at my table with an attitude such as this.”  Looks like Edelstein has a new nemesis (a pun!  I’ll be here all week).

Well, after Klein backpedaled a bit (“Yikes! This is supposed to be a lighthearted post about restaurant names.”), the comments lit up with both pro- and anti-neMesis posts.  Ultimately, Chef Edelstein announced in the comments that she won’t be replying online to any more criticism.  That’s probably a good thing, lest neMesis go down the same path as Urbanite Bistro (R.I.P.), whose defensive owner used to pick fights on Yelp.

♦ The lionfish, a non-native invasive species doing significant damage in the Atlantic, is the target of a concerted effort to catch, cook, slice, fry, and/or serve these predators into oblivion (or at least back into a more manageable population size).  Michael’s Genuine is doing its part, featuring a lionfish crudo as a special last Friday.  Word on the street is that Sra. Martinez is also serving lionfish, and last weekend a lionfish derby was held in Key Largo while The Fish House served up fried lionfish (the toxic spikes are rendered harmless when cooked to a certain temperature).  Check out’s post on the lionfish problem here.

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