Miami New Times' Take on Urbanite Bistro

by Ryan @ MRPR on November 25, 2009

Riki Altman, in what appears to be her first restaurant review for the Miami New Times takes on Urbanite Bistro (which is “On the Bubble” on this week’s power rankings and had made a brief appearance at No. 20 on the list).   Unfortunately, the only thing consistent about Urbanite is its inconsistency, according to Riki.  She paints a picture of some hits, some misses, along with a follow-up visit that seems to be one giant miss.  She reserves judgment at the end of her review, satisfied with giving Urbanite another shot sometime down the road.  Hopefully it’ll still be there when the time comes for a return visit.

Link: Miami New Times

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Paul Baglia December 14, 2009 at 9:32 am

It does not seem fair that a restaurant like the Urbanite should be reviewed by a rookie food writer that does not even know what a Magret Duck is let alone how it should be ordered. It is painfully obvious that Rikki Altman is not only a rookie writer but a bad writer that absolutely nothing about food. As she searches for quirky metaphors more than she actually talks about the food and why she does or does not like it. I am actually embarrassed for her and the New Times. I know times are tough and the New Times is just a sad little free rag, but if your budget is that low then don’t even hire more writers or at least get them some classes before you send them out to critique anything let alone a business that is trying to improve a part of the city that is in dire need of it. Rikki sorry but you are a hack! Go back to writing for whatever blog it is that you came from. I’ve read Yelp reviews that were more in depth and educated than yours. The Urbanite Bistro is a gastro-phenom in a city that is in dire need of it. Miami’s culinary scene has been hiding behind wannabe “celebrity Chefs” (won’t mention names…M&M) for too long. This is the best food in Miami with the best ingredients prepared flawlessly in exciting, creative ways. My wife and I have eaten in the best restaurants all over the world and we dine at the Urbanite at least once a month. I suggest that Rikki learns a bit more about food before she writes her next review.

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