by Ryan @ MRPR on September 14, 2011

The other day, Frodnesor asked if I would be interested in participating in the “My 7 Links” project.  It basically entails re-posting seven old blog posts in different superlative categories.  It is a useful way to share some old posts that didn’t get much attention either because the blog was in its infancy or for whatever reason.  It is also an exercise in self-indulgence.  So I quickly said yes.

Here are Frod’s 7 links.  And without further ado, the categories:

- Your most beautiful post: “Rejected Food Poetry: OMG, MGFD

Followers of MRPR know that there isn’t much photography to speak of on this blog.  I still haven’t come to terms with tableside photography (Frodnesor calls it the “douchebag taking pictures of his food” issue).  But if visual beauty isn’t the sole criteria, then I’ll nominate the post “Rejected Food Poetry: OMG, MGFD,” which was my rejected submission for O, Miami, the Countywide month-long poetry festival.  Sure it tells the story of an eager diner at Michael’s Genuine choking to death on a radish, but there’s beauty in that, right?  And I’d like to think the poem subconsciously inspired the O Cinema – MGFD joint venture, which goes by the name of “OMG Dinner and a Movie.”

– Your most popular post: “Chocolate Bombshell: Richard Hales Joins Forces With Pastry Chef Vanessa Paz and Unveils Two New Trucks

Thanks to a Facebook link by The Burger Beast and some other activity in the echo chamber, the recent post titled “Chocolate Bombshell: Richard Hales Joins Forces With Pastry Chef Vanessa Paz and Unveils Two New Trucks” quickly became the most popular post on the blog.

– Your most controversial post: “gen·u·ine (adj.): A Hotel Restaurant on Collins Avenue?

I’ve done a scientific study to determine which post was most controversial.  I went for the post that I read and re-read the most times before hitting “publish.”  And that honor goes to a recent post, “gen·u·ine (adj.): A Hotel Restaurant on Collins Avenue?” discussing Michael Schwartz’s announcement that he is taking over food and beverage operations at The Raleigh hotel on South Beach.  Obviously the blog has mad respect for MGFD (we wrote an effing poem about the place) but at the end of the day I felt that there were valid questions to be raised about Schwartz’s announcement and the purpose of the post was simply to start a discussion, not to end one.  Frodnesor responded on his blog and the response from the restaurant via Twitter was professional and encouraging.  And, on the bright side, I haven’t gotten the Red Medicine treatment there.

– Your most helpful post: “Current Power Rankings

I’l take the easy road on this category.  The impetus for starting the blog and the keystone that holds it loosely together with meat glue, is the (now monthly) power rankings.  Therefore, I’m hoping that the most helpful post is the “Current Power Rankings” which you can always find at the top of the blog.  The power rankings have evolved over time, starting off as a weekly recap of one guy’s view of the world.  Now, it represents a monthly collaboration between myself and three other Miami-based food bloggers (Mango & Lime had the audacity to move to Houston).  Now that I think about it, the power rankings may also be the most controversial aspect of the blog (Eddie Huang recently opined on the uselessness of rankings as opposed to a system of stars, and he may have a point).

– A post whose success surprised you: “2011 Miami Spice Awards

For “most surprising,” let’s go with the “2011 Miami Spice Awards,” which clocks in as the second most popular blog post of all time.  It is not especially useful from a factual standpoint, it mostly just mocks various restaurants who “phoned it in” for Miami Spice this year, and yet it got its share of hits.  Maybe next year I’ll reserve a ballroom and we’ll host a live awards ceremony.  If Burger Beast has The Burgies, why shouldn’t we have The Spicys.

– A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved: “Nespresso Puts On The Full Court Press-o

Like any blog just beginning to find its place in the world, some of the early posts didn’t get a lot of attention.  One that I’m fond of is a recap of my awkward adventures at the opening of the Nespresso boutique on Lincoln Road.  The post, “Nespresso Puts On The Full Court Press-o,” encapsulates my extreme discomfort at a fancy PR-driven event, starting with my attempt to check in where the other guests were checking in (short version: I got a blank stare and then was asked a question in the form of a single word, “Media?” dripping with all of the enthusiasm of a license renewal at the DMV).  On the one hand, it would be fun to launch a feature on the blog (we’ll call it “Schadenfreude and Masochism”) where I go to places that I’m pretty sure I’ll despise (Taverna Opa and Haven Gastro Lounge come to mind) so you can take joy in my self-inflicted pain.  On the other hand, why on earth would I do that to myself?

– The post that you are most proud of: “MRPR Presents … A Very Momofuku Weekend

My favorite post (or, rather, series of posts) comes from a weekend in NYC, which I dubbed “MRPR Presents … A Very Momofuku Weekend.”  In three parts, it recaps my adventures squeezing in visits to Momofuku Ko, Momofuku Ssam Bar, Momofuku Noodle Bar, Ma Peche, and Milk Bar in a single weekend.  The tale is heavy on the pork and even has moments of suspense (like a guy choking and falling to the floor in Noodle Bar–are you noticing a choking theme to this blog? Sheesh.).  The trip took place in April of 2010, less than a year after this blog launched and at a time when there were probably few regular readers.  If you’re bored or hungry, check it out.

Well, I think this was therapeutic.  I’ll discuss it further with my analrapist.

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