February 28, 2012 Quick Hits

by Ryan @ MRPR on February 28, 2012


♦ We survived South Beach Food and Wine Festival!  Did you?  The food network chefs have been vacuum-sealed in baggies and are being cooked sous vide at a low temperature until next year’s festival, and Lee Schrager has been wheeled, Hannibel Lecter-style, back into his cell.  Some of the best coverage of SBWFF is in the New York Post, where Andy Wang wrote about the various chef events and the after hours scene at pop-up cocktail bar Broken Shaker.

♦ MRPR power ranker Frodnesor unveils a new feature on his blog, Food for Thought.  It’s called “The List” and is Frod’s rundown on where to eat in Miami.  He describes the mission, and how it differs from his contributions to the power rankings, as follows:

I think of MRPR as something of a “Hot List” of who is doing the best right now, since Ryan makes us update our selections every couple weeks. What I’m hoping to capture here are the names that come up most frequently when I get the “What are the best places to eat in Miami?” question, since there are places that may not necessarily be the “Top 20″ restaurants in town, but which give a meaningful glimpse into a particular corner of Miami’s culinary map – mainstays like Joe’s Stone Crab, holes in the wall like La Camaronera, along with what’s new, hot and good.

♦ Breaking News: New York Chef Talks About Miami Dining Scene And Doesn’t Put Foot In Mouth.  Don’t believe me? Click here.

♦ And last up, an interesting interview with Michelle Bernstein where she runs through her 10 favorite ingredients.  (Hat tip: Eater Miami).

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