Box Park to Open in Former Mare Nostrum Space

by Ryan @ MRPR on September 30, 2012

UPDATE: Once again thanks to for sorting out truth from rumor.  Co-owner Henry Sanchez tells Lesley Abravanel that Box Park will open in a new space in the Axis buildings, the lounge Harvey Wolf will open in the former Mare Nostrum space, and a third venue, The Hoxton, will also open at Axis.

Our sources tells us that the short-lived Mare Nostrum space in the Axis buildings (just off Brickell Avenue) is going to be home to a new spot called Box Park.  The restaurant will feature a former sous chef from Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink and a former pastry chef from Nobu (although we haven’t been able to track down any names yet).  The restaurant appears to be owned by the same folks behind Mare Nostrum, and it looks like they are also opening a spot called Harvey Wolf, although we’ve got zero details on that aside from the recently formed LLC.  So things are afoot at the Axis buildings…

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anonymous October 3, 2012 at 12:28 am

I’ve got a sneak peak at the menu and guess what? They’ll close down on another 6 months if they plan on opening with that menu.. Looks like the sous chef from michael’s should have kept his job there cause based on this menu it appears he wasn’t ready to design his own menu..

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