Barbuto Chef de Cuisine Roel Alcudia to Helm Kitchen at Michael Schwartz’s The Cypress Room

by Ryan @ MRPR on January 23, 2013

This isn’t exactly a secret, nor is it breaking news, given that chef Michael Schwartz announced this to a room full of hungry diners at the last chef pop-up at Harry’s Pizzeria (featuring Chicago’s Paul Kahan), but no local news outlets have yet picked up the announcement that Roel Alcudia will be manning the kitchen at Michael Schwartz’s forthcoming spot, The Cypress Room.

Perhaps the reason that the news hasn’t spread yet is that those of us in the room for the Harry’s dinner were hungry and it was a little hard to hear and we were left wondering if the new Cypress Room chef is Roelle Arcudio or Ronan Alcudio or Ron Burgundy.  But after the food coma disippated, we finally figured it out.  Roel Alcudia previously served as chef de cuisine at Jonathan Waxman’s NYC restaurant, Barbuto.  Alcudia’s migration south now makes Schwartz and Waxman, who have had a public bromance for quite a while, the culinary equivalent of Eskimo brothers.

A little internet sleuthing actually turns up a July 2011 blog post for Eater Miami written by Jackie Sayet, brand manager for The Genuine Hospitality Group, where she writes about Schwartz’s foray up to NYC for a Genuine Barbuto dinner, an event where Alcudia and his team had assisted with prep.

It’s always nice to see a talented chef travel from NYC to Miami, instead of the opposite.  Like many in town, we’re looking forward to The Cypress Room, even more so with this news.

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