Lee Klein Brings a Gun to a Food Fight

by Ryan @ MRPR on December 8, 2009

I don’t know Lee Klein from Adam but I’ve read his restaurant reviews in the Miami New Times regularly (I don’t mean that as an endorsement, I read pretty much every Miami restaurant review that lands on the Internet) and now Mr. Klein finds himself in the middle of a firestorm.  After a snarky comment in one of his blog posts, where he is writing about some elementary school students at a charter school and opines that the idea of listening to them caroling “sounds sort of awful,” the comments section lit up.  Check it out.

Lee Klein is Packing Heat

People are piling on since it appears that being a snarky food critic (whose logo/avatar on his blog is an image of a gun on a dinner plate) doesn’t make you many friends.  Although I must say, I’ve always thought Klein’s bark was worse than his bite and that his reviews weren’t especially stinging (like Bruni’s famous Ninja review).  But I’m not here to dance on his grave, whether or not he has dug it himself.  I’ll just quote from Klein’s response to various comments criticizing him:


To all parents with kids at Miami Arts Charter:
Your children are in the hands of lunatics, being taught by teachers who evidently don’t know how to read and definitely don’t have a sense of humor. For God’s sake please, GET YOUR KIDS OUT OF THERE IMMEDIATELY if you care about them growing up intelligent, graceful people who can understand how to interpret a paragraph of writing.
Firstly, for the morons above who keep writing that the pizza is good — I did not in any way criticize the pizza. Still,
I forgive you — you probably went to the Miami Arts Charter, which is why you didn’t catch that. Reading really can be tricky, especially if you’re being taught to do so by those who can’t properly read themselves!
(and let it be noted that the nasty comments above came TWO DAYS after I wrote this comment: “But as for Luna and the Charter School — I was really attempting to make fun of carolers, sketch artists, and the notion of kids expressing themselves upon pizza boxes. I can see how some might have read my humor as being non-supportive of Luna and the school kids, but that wasn’t my intention.”
Again, you would think that’s enough for folks to understand, and of course it is if we’re talking about smart folks.
Research? Art criticism? Italian sonnets and terza rima poems? Have you all lost your minds?
And Jen — how disappointing to hear this nonsense from you. An “11.5 year veteran of New Times who also happens to have two masters of fine arts degrees in creative writing–not to mention published collections of poems” — and you don’t understand the difference between serious criticism and a joke about carolers? I guess you’ve never heard anyone make fun of mimes, either — you really need to get out more.
Jesus Jen, your comment was even dumber than the others — you should be ashamed of yourself for joining in this choir of idiocy. Instead of donating your salary to buy things for kids to scrawl upon, please invest in a sense of humor for yourself and the small-minded staff at the Charter School.
Really, the idea of such dumb, clueless, humorless people teaching middle schoolers is incredibly depressing.

Posted On: Saturday, Dec. 5 2009 @ 11:32AM

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