Introducing Il Grissino's Accomplished New Chef — Err, Nevermind

by Ryan @ MRPR on December 23, 2009

A funny (sad?) story on the New Times’ Short Order blog:  It appears that Il Grissino, a new restaurant in the Gables, sent out a press release announce their accomplished new chef from Milan, Simone Mua.  And then 18 minutes later sent out a “revised” press release omitting any mention of the guy.  We hardly knew you!

Reminds  me of the final episode of Season 3 of Curb Your Enthusiasm when the chef quits right before the grand opening and they end up getting a new chef who, as the online episode guide puts it, has “a penchant for speaking his mind.”

Not a good way to start things off.  I imagine it’s hard enough to open a new restaurant in this economy.

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