Dissenting Opinions: Food For Thought Visits Buena Vista Bistro

by Ryan @ MRPR on January 18, 2010

Food is about taste.  Not just flavor but also your personal sense of taste, your preferences for certain types of cuisine, for sweet or savory or spicy or bitter.  So I’m not going to claim that the power rankings are the be-all, end-all.  They are one person’s list in order of preference.  Where I’d most like to dine on any given night, all things being equal.  But I’m not going to shy away from advertising the dissenting opinions of others: whether they love a place I loathe or vice versa.

First up: Food For Thought’s recent post on Buena Vista Bistro.  It is no secret that I love this place (#4 on the current rankings).  But Frodnesor, one of the preeminent Miami restaurant bloggers, sees things differently.  Check out his post.  Especially heartbreaking?  His lukewarm reaction to the tuna tartare (my 2009 dish of the year).  The good news?  Maybe they won’t sell out next time I’m there.  So on second thought, the tuna tartare is trash and you should avoid it at all costs.  If you see me there eating 15 of them like Kobayashi on the Fourth of July, then pay no mind.  Gracias.


Frodnesor January 18, 2010 at 9:44 pm

Don’t be heartbroken – more tartare for you.

Zman January 22, 2010 at 5:26 pm

Don’t take it the wrong way, but Frodnesor review is spot on. I too sought out BVB due to the word on the street, but it didn’t live up to hype (especially your rating of 4th best Restaurant in this big town)

Starter dish – Escargot Provencal, was not done with the typical preparation. Never had diced tomatoes with escargot, i thought it gave off a acidic taste to the palate on what is otherwise a great well known french entree. Maybe it was the fact that I was unfamiliar with “provencal” style. Either way, I think escargot should be served piping hot with EVO, garlic and chopped parsley (ex. Prime 112) and sans tomatoes.

Main dish – Scallops was indeed excellent. Only flaw was quantity. Three scallops do not cut it for the main dish, and I’m not a big guy. To top it of, it was a $19 dish for three regular sized scallops. For a place that is not overtly pricy, that dish was.

Desert was good, I just don’t recall what it was. Probably chocolate. Best thing there – excellent french bread.

Biggest letdown – a French born owner offering up a run of the mill wine selection which has crept up price-wise. Instead of offering a mediocre !00% Cabernet Franc, which typically is a grape used for blending, incorporate some of the better wines from the various regions of France. Well that my take.

If i go back, I will try the Tartare. Mr. F opinion took me off course the first time around.

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