February 2, 2010 Power Rankings

by Ryan @ MRPR on February 2, 2010

In the comments to a post a couple of weeks back, I promised some insight into the “methodology” of these rankings.  Such an explanation would also be useful in order to diffuse any suggestion that this blog aspires to be anything other than one guy’s suggestion of where his friends should go to dinner tonight.  That’s why MRPR began and that’s going to be the raison d’être for the foreseeable future (that and to throw around French phrases in italics).  Also, as the blog attracts the attention of others, I’m preparing for disagreement/criticism/anonymous insults and thought some explanation might be useful.

The list is compiled by asking myself where I’d most like to go for dinner any given night, all things being equal.  It’s not a fine-dining contest, as evidenced by a heavy emphasis on neighborhood joints (I’d include Buena Vista Bistro and Bin No. 18 in that category).

Having been born and raised in Miami, I don’t give a rat’s ass about service.  That was beaten out of me a long time ago.  Anyhow, Miami restaurants have never really been about good service.  See, e.g., Red Light (friendly but sloooow) and even MGFD (it’s like shopping at a fancy department store where the salespeople treat you a little bit like crap and you’re supposed to like it).  The exceptions to the rule: NAOE (friendliest folks in town), Michy’s (quite professional, in my opinion), Bourbon Steak, Metro Bistro Cafe.

So, stripping away the service and the decor, all I really care about is the food.  These rankings are not an aggregate of a multitude of variables.  They’re really a distillation of just a few: quality of ingredients, the whole local/organic thing where appropriate, creativity, and execution.  Have you ever watched an episode of Iron Chef where one contestant had more points for food and then lost the competition because of plating?  I think it is utterly stupid when that happens.  This blog is all about the food on the plate.  If you want to know which places have the best decor, click here.

I hope that provides a little background and I’d really like to hear feedback on hidden gems that people love, cheap taco joints that are crave-worthy, etc.

(Last Week’s Rankings in Parentheses)

1. NAOE (1)

2. Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink (2)

3. Red Light (3)

4. Buena Vista Bistro (4)

5. Bin No. 18 (5)

6. Hiro’s Yakko-San (6)

7. Fratelli Lyon (7)

8. GastroPod (8)

9. Michy’s (9)

10. BLT Steak (10)

11. Bourbon Steak (11)

12. Azul (12)

13. Pizzavolante (13)

14. Sra. Martinez (14)

15. Mandolin Aegean Bistro (15)

16. Metro Bistro Cafe (17)

17. Latin Burger and Taco Truck (16)

18. Joe’s Stone Crab (18)

19. Sardinia (19)

20. Eos (20)

On the Bubble: Pacific Time.

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