Opinionated About "Opinionated About Dining"

by Ryan @ MRPR on February 9, 2010

Each year a website called Opinionated About Dining publishes the results of its survey of the best restaurants in the country, along with regional rankings.  While South Florida gets zero love on the national rankings, Miami/Miami Beach gets two spots on the regional list, Michy’s at #5 and Nobu Miami Beach at #11.

If the year was 2005, I’d understand where this was coming from.  But it is 2010 and Michy’s has a lot of competition (and in the opinion of some, myself included, is no longer leading the pack.  Meanwhile Nobu has some worthwhile competition in the category of celebrity chef imports (BLT Steak, Bourbon Steak, the Fountainbleau triplets, to name a few).  This list feels just a little too stale as far as the Miami representation is concerned.  Hopefully some of the new blood in the Design District and elsewhere (NAOE, cough cough) gets a little love next year.

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