Hola, Douglas Rodriguez. But what about OLA?

by Ryan @ MRPR on November 13, 2009

Just a few blocks from OLA, Douglas Rodriguez is set to debut a new restaurant “D. Rodriguez Cuba” at The Astor hotel on Miami Beach.  A few questions to be answered:

1) Is the use of initials and/or abbreviations the new fad in restaurant names?  See, e.g., Sra. Martinez.

2) Should Douglas Rodriguez open a second restaurant so close to his first?  (At least Michelle Bernstein’s two places are 29 blocks apart, right?)

3) Isn’t The Astor where restaurants go to die?  See, e.g, Joley.

Eater Miami, which is the greatest thing to happen to Miami food blogs since Menupages: South Florida (R.I.P.), is much more bullish on this endeavor than I am.  I guess I’m just a pessimist.  I see the restaurant as half-empty.

Link: Eater Miami

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