March 30, 2010 Power Rankings

by Ryan @ MRPR on March 30, 2010

I’m pretty bummed.  I’ve been closely following the Miami New Times countdown of their 100 favorite dishes in Miami.  They’ve picked many of my personal favorites (Old Dirty Dawg at gastroPod Miami at #86;  Chocolate Soup at Charlotte Bistro at #76; Bento Box at NAOE at #70) and other times have introduced me to new dishes that I can now count among my favorites (Calzone Brooklynese at Pizza Volante at #96).  The write-ups are sometimes terse but usually informative, replete with hi-res pictures.

So why am I bummed?  Well, as he-who-likes-to-rank-things (a/k/a “The Decider”), I’ve come to realize that the countdown doesn’t really appear to be in any particular order.  For those of you who remember the unveiling of the “Eater 38,” which was an “in no particular order” compilation of 38 places to eat in Miami, this is the same sort of thing.  An unwillingness to make the hard decisions and announce what the best bite in Miami really is.  And during March Madness of all times, when we are conditioned to find out who is the best of the best.  Perhaps I’ll have to set up brackets so you can all vote.  I’ve got my money on the NAOE bento box.  Where else can you find cod milt (unless that’s what gastroPod means by “Old Dirty Dawg”).

(Last Week’s Rankings in Parentheses)

1. NAOE (1)

2. Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink (2)

3. Red Light (3)

4. Sakaya Kitchen (4)

5. Buena Vista Bistro (5)

6. BLT Steak (6)

7. Bin No. 18 (7)

8. Hiro’s Yakko-San (8)

9. Eos (9)

10. GastroPod (10)

11. Fratelli Lyon (11)

12. Michy’s (12)

13. Bourbon Steak (13)

14. Pizzavolante (14)

15. Mandolin Aegean Bistro (15)

16. Azul (16)

17. Sra. Martinez (17)

18. Joe’s Stone Crab (20)

19. Latin Burger and Taco Truck (19)

20. Sardinia (NR)

On the Bubble: Metro Bistro Cafe (18).

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