R.I.P. Brasserie Brickell Key (1992 – 2010 (via 1984))

by Ryan @ MRPR on May 17, 2010

I’ll try my best not to speak ill of the dead.  But as a citizen of Brickell Key, I must ask: Why would an Italian restaurant call itself a “brasserie”? 

Since nobody could ever really answer that question, I rarely ate at Brasserie Brickell Key. 

Plus it felt a little dated.  My first meal there, back in 2006, I remember came with a tomato on the side.  That alone isn’t noteworthy, no.  But the tomato was stuffed with ground beef.  I mean, right alongside a chicken dish or pork or veal or something.  Just struck me as dated, that’s all.

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