Brana? Brana? Anybody? Anybody?

by Ryan @ MRPR on November 14, 2009

As Norman Van Aken prepares his return to Coral Gables (his new blog), I can’t help but wonder what Jeffrey Brana is up to.  Brana was best known as the chef de cuisine at Norman’s (I might be slightly off on his title, so please forgive).  He then went on to open one of the finest restaurants that you never went to: Restaurant Brana (on Alhambra in the Gables, where Mint Leaf is now located).  Restaurant Brana was fine dining, complete with foam.  The food was elegant and exquisite, with an emphasis on local ingredients (e.g., Key West pink shrimp).  While the restaurant was short lived, it was one of the finest meals you could have in Miami, then or now.

For a while Brana offered a unique dining experience in private homes around town (the “Kiss My Pork Butt” series) but that seems to be quiet these days as well.  And it appears that Brana’s personal website is “under construction.”  Does anyone know what Chef Brana is up to?

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Jorge January 23, 2010 at 8:27 pm

I was one of the lucky few to visit Brana’s restaurant on Alhambra and agree 100% with you. His cooking was superb. Our meal that one night was incredible. To this day I consider that dinner one of the best I had in Miami.
I too what too want to know if there are any plans for his return.

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