The Shack Has Been Shaken

by Ryan @ MRPR on June 15, 2010

In Miami, and especially on South Beach, it is very hip to split your time between Miami and New York.  Hell, Lee Schrager’s twitter feed reads like the arrival and departure board at Miami International Airport.  I get frequent flier miles just from reading it. But let’s be honest, there’s only one good reason that you keep going back to NYC every other week: for a Shake Shack fix.

Well, cancel your flight plans and unpack your toiletries, Shake Shack has arrived in the 305.  In a moment of epic shamelessness , I basically begged for a ticket to tonight’s opening.   I am embarrassed for me and clearly you are too.  But it paid off.  The great Raina McLeod over at Feast Miami saw my pathetic post and felt pity on me.   So after some witty emails back and forth meant to prove I’m not some creep (and probably having the effect of proving the opposite), I brushed off my interpersonal skills and got myself to Lincoln Road for the friends and family event.

The shack was hopping and (spoiler alert!) the food was free.  The loyal readers of MRPR and of Feast demanded that Raina and I order pretty much everything on the menu.  The tally: single Shackburger, double Shackburger, New York Dog, Chicago Dog, Cheese Fries, two Arnold Palmers, a black and white shake, and a key lime pie shake.  Eat my dust, Burger Beast.  You are hereby challenged to a duel.  (Kidding, kidding–that dude ate 41 burgers in a month. Shite.)

It was a soft opening so the line progressed more slowly than it does in Madison Square Park (but I’m guessing the lines are twice or three times more long than they will be down here).  All in all, I was impressed at how ready the staff was for tonight’s service.

The Shack (Shake, not Radio) is continuing its soft opening schedule for the next week with the real “opening date” set for June 22nd, I believe.  And if you’re wondering which date is the best on the “Custard calendar” (which is the calendar I use to plan my week), the special flavor for Thursday is Coffee and Donuts.  For Friday, Cherry Almond.  So plan accordingly.

Get over to Shake Shack when it opens next week.  That way you can tell all your friends you just got back from New York City.

Controversial statement of the day: I prefer the single Shackburger to the double.  Better proportions.  Discuss.

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Burger Beast June 15, 2010 at 11:27 pm

Sounds like it’s going to be a long night for you.

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