Blind Item: An American neighborhood restaurant in Midtown

by Ryan @ MRPR on November 15, 2009

An unidentified “American neighborhood restaurant” is opening in Midtown.  According to Craigslist, they’re hiring cooks and “fine dining experience” is required.  The location is 28 NE 29th Street.

After a little sleuthing on Google Maps, the street view shows a “coming soon” banner for a place called Morgan’s.  Plugging that into Google, you can find the construction company building the structure, the same company that built one of the more attractive buildings in the neighborhood, the now defunct Galerie Bertin-Toublanc.  Still though, not much info on the restaurant itself.

Anyone have any more info on this?  Please share in the comments.

Link: Craigslist

UPDATE: One of my spies delivered.  Turns out the restaurant has a website (no real info yet but “coming soon”) and a Facebook page.  Looks well-designed and intriguing.  So that’s a start, right?


txantxo November 15, 2009 at 8:26 pm

ive heard rumors Michy & husband David may be opening new spot in DD. maybe this is it?

foodster November 15, 2009 at 8:29 pm

I hadn’t heard those rumors yet but that’s fascinating. Not sure if this would be the place but I’ll try to dig up more info.

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