September 7, 2010 Power Rankings

by Ryan @ MRPR on September 7, 2010

Some quick hits:

♦ If you’ve ever been to Two Chefs and wondered what it’d be like if they added a third chef, you’re in luck.  A place called “3 Chefs Chinese Restaurant” is opening next door to Bin No. 18 and Sake Room Sushi Lounge on 18th and Biscayne.  That’s a lot of chefs.  Good thing that there isn’t an old adage about having too many cooks in a kitchen.  Also, no word on whether it’s related to a place of the same name in NYC (which appears to serve vegetarian Chinese cuisine).

♦ Minibar, in the old Charcuterie space in the Design District, is closed.  The whole shtick of this place was that it served diminutive food (think sliders, chicken nuggets, mini pizzas, etc.).  Definitely not to be confused with Jose Andres’ minibar in Washington, D.C.

♦ Check out Fall for the Arts next Sunday afternoon at the Arsht Center.  All of the food trucks will be there and MRPR will be hosting the first annual Food Truck Demolition Derby.  I’ve got my money on Dim Ssam a Go Go.  Here’s a sneak peak of the new truck.

(Last Week’s Rankings in Parentheses)

1. NAOE (1)

2. Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink (2)

3. Red Light (3)

4. Sakaya Kitchen (4)

5. Buena Vista Bistro (5)

6. BLT Steak (6)

7. Hiro’s Yakko-San (7)

8. Eos (8)

9. GastroPod (9)

10. Zuma (10)

11. Michy’s (11)

12. Sra. Martinez (12)

13. Chow Down Grill (13)

14. Bourbon Steak (15)

15. Gigi (*New Entry*)

16. Bin No. 18 (14)

17. Pizzavolante (16)

18. Mandolin Aegean Bistro (17)

19. The Morgan’s (19)

20. Fratelli Lyon (18)

On the bubble: Sardinia (20)

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