Two Brickell Spots Coming Soon

by Ryan @ MRPR on November 19, 2009

Today, Craigslist delivers with information on a couple of new restaurants in Brickell.

1) The Munchies @ Brickell — Opening December 4th, this spot will be open late and sports a diner-style menu with some nice Spanish/Latin American touches (pinchos, arepas, etc.).   More info on Facebook and Twitter, including the menu.

2) La Guaracha — Located at the Four Ambassadors, a condo so old that all of its balconies fell off, this new restaurant boasts “Latin and Creole seasoned meals,” whatever that means.  They’ve got a fancy website (menu)and they’re hiring mixologists.  Looks like the recession is finally over since mixologists are a lagging indicator.

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